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  • Zach Dyrda

"Follow me," he said.

"Follow me." These words have been captivating people for a long time. The gospels tell stories of Jesus inviting people to follow him. Average, everyday people: not the smartest, not the wealthiest, not the best looking or attractive. Jesus invited all sorts of people, even the wrong kind of people, according to some.

Diving deeper into the invitation is the experience. We so how the lives of those that answer the call to follow Jesus are changed. They leave the work, family, and familiarities behind and go on this grand adventure. They begin one way, and through the journey, they are changed. Hearing the invitation from Jesus and responding changes the chosen.

One way to read the scriptures, or any book really, is to place yourself in the story. I invite you to place yourself in the story of the gospels. The story where Jesus invites you to follow him.

I wonder...

how you feel with that invitation?

what are the first thoughts that come to mind?

do you feel ready to go? Are you scared? Do you decline?

I pray that you know that Jesus' invitation is to follow him. That invitation is to all people. Jesus' invitation is for you.


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