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Brown Shapes



Our Congregational style is primarily a student ministry located in an educational setting, and therefore, is geared more towards accommodating a transitional student body. We are seeking to gather on Sundays that includes prayer, scripture, and discussion. We have weekly Bible Studies focusing on personal growth and at large questions of religion and faith. We seek to help the students follow God while away from their traditional home church. We have student leaders and volunteers on Sunday morning. We allow for student-led missions, activities, and worship. We seek to nurture our congregation as a body and lead them to be strong in their faith and developing a taste for meat rather than milk. 


The goal of the NIU Baptist Campus Ministry is to be a welcoming and divers body of believers, serving God by worshiping, exploring truth, helping the poor, widowed, orphan, and loving all His children. The ministry at NIU is to serve the campus and minister to students. the vision is to be a multinational, multiracial worshiping community that welcomes new students and faculty each year in the Bible Studies, service projects, and special events that broaden perspective and deep allegiance to Christ and His Kingdom.


There is a strong sense of community in the campus ministry body that is committed to prayer and to the study of Scripture. People come with a wide variety of gifts that are used in different ways in the ministry. Students are encouraged to use talents within ministry teams set up in the areas of service, worship, outreach, Bible Study, and fellowship.


We are connected with the American Baptist Churches U.S.A and Great River Region, as well as Northern Illinois University (NIU).

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