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You are invited to join our Wednesday Bible Study. Every Wednesday Night at 7 PM while school is in session. We meet to discuss questions we have, topics about our faith, theology, and how to live as Christians. 

Here you can listen to our discussions from the past.

What is the Gospel: King and MasterPastor Zach and Melissa
00:00 / 35:41
Wrestling with what it means to share the faithPastor Zach and Melissa
00:00 / 45:14
Exploring Rest in the Age of CovidPastor Zach and Melissa
00:00 / 29:26
Context of a Letter about UnityPastor Zach
00:00 / 29:36
Ephesians: Adoption, Unity, and MorePastpr Zach and Melissa
00:00 / 29:36
Ephesians: Paul's Prayer and King JesusPastor Zach
00:00 / 35:03
Ephesians 2: The jumble of WordsPastor Zach and Melissa
00:00 / 32:48
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