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A Student Organization

Judson Fellowship is a student organization connected to Northern Illinois University located in DeKalb, Illinois. The organization is completely led by the students. There are three student board members that help lead and guide our organization. Our current President is Brooks Wallace. The organization has five main goals. 

Worship: Sunday 4 pm the students lead with a focus on glorifying God. We gather to pray, eat, hear the gospel proclaimed, and discuss our faith and life. 


Bible Study: Happens on Wednesday nights at 7 pm, we gather together for a deep Bible study meant to take Christians deeper into their faith. 

Outreach: We seek to minister to all students from Welcome Week to Spring Finals.

Fellowship: We seek to create meaningful relationships by gathering together. Usually, in the form of dinners, as well as game and movie nights, Students lead worship and prayer times, mission trips, and seasonal events.

Service/Mission: Our mission and service is to NIU and its students, faculty, and staff. We have a deep relationship with Network of Nations.

Our goal is to offer the students intellectual resources, teaching, and encouragement that are not naturally provided as part of the NIU mission statement, but necessary to develop mature Christian leaders.

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