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You can connect with us in person Wednesdays at 7pm or Sundays at 4pm. You can also get to know us on our Facebook page Baptist Campus Ministry NIU. You can follow down to the bottom of the page to reach our Pastor and Director Zach Dyrda for any questions you may still have not found on the website. 

As a loving member of Baptist Campus Ministry and members of our student organization Judson Fellowship, you will soon experience the fun and fellowship that is being with us. Our ministries offer different opportunities for people to serve and engage in the NIU community while allowing for exploration and deepening of your faith. Baptist Campus Ministry has a ministry for those who want to grow in their faith, be leaders in the community, are new or exploring Christianity, feel God most in music, or in helping your neighbor. Whatever your age and stage of life we invite you to explore our ministries.

Prayer Group


Launching point for people to go deeper in faith and learn to be leaders.

Join our Bible Study ministry on Wednesdays at 7pm, to catapult your faith. This is the time and place to dig in deep and be empowered in your faith. We reflect on the beauty of our calling and learn tools to engage the Bible for all its worth. Our goal is to empower each person to help guide others to engage the scriptures and share the gospel. Catalyst is a safe space of dialogue and prayer. All are welcome and we hope to see you soon.



For people who are new to the Christianity or exploring Jesus for their first time.

Join us Fridays at 6pm, when we explore some simple and accessible ways to explore what it means to be a follower of Jesus. Ignite is about about fanning the flame of curiosity. It is  about exploring faith and Jesus that has begun in your live. We have created an intentional safe space meant for dialogue and exploration. All are welcome.



Let the games begin

At Baptist Campus Ministry, we have a passionate group of people who love having fun playing new and interesting games. Food is provided to keep everyone fueled. All are welcome, so come join our fun fellowship.s



Saturday at 7pm

The Dekalb Chinese Bible Study Group began in the sixties when there was a group of Chinese students coming to NIU to continue their academic pursuit. Back then, most of them were Cantonese-speaking. Their ethnicity were from Hong Kong or Southern China near Canton. As time has gone by, the tide has changed. There has been an increase in Chinese students coming to NIU. Some of the students are from Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and in particular, from the Peoples Republic of China. ​ Our main goal is to form a mutual support group for each other and to give witness to the overseas Chinese community present on the NIU Campus. ​​

Our activities include Bible Studies, outreach, evangelistic meetings and other social activities. Throughout all these years, the goal of the group has not changed; it remains a place for learning how to love each other with God's love and then sharing that love with those in the community that have differing beliefs.

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