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Being a nerd, I bought the recent Marvel movie Avengers: Infinity War. From the time this movie came out in theatre’s up till now, I maintain an argument that Thanos is the hero of the story. I suppose I should be up front and explain that according to the six years of Marvel movie ethos Thanos is the big bad guy that viewers have been waiting to see. However, as you watch the movie Thanos is the main character that glues the movie together. Thanos also has the normal story arc of the hero. He has all the best lines, loses friends along the way, is the only person willing and able to “save the universe,” and even gets the peaceful sunset ending the hero gets in normal action movies. Very Joh


A key word in our ministry is Fellowship. At Baptist Campus Ministry (BCM) it is our IDENTITY, CALLING, MISSION. Since my time as director started at Baptist Campus Ministry I have focused on creating one thing. FELLOWSHIP. I believe whole heartedly that a place where Christians gather must be a place, a source, a well spring of fellowship. I truly believe that people began gathering to the ministry because of our focus on fellowship. In my time here I have sought to be a person who enabled others to gather together to learn, grow, and live together. It is a simple idea. People who are disciples of Jesus gather together. In our time together I, help people learn more and more about Jesus and

Meet the New Pastor

Grace and Peace to you, My name is Zach Dyrda. I am the returning Pastor and Director of Baptist Campus Ministry. I have been with BCM since I was in college at NIU since 2010. I have been witness to the love, grace, fellowship, and transformation this beautiful place has to offer. I am excited to be part of this ministry and excited to see what this new year brings. As I said, I started coming to BCM in the summer of 2010. I was twenty-two years old. I had only been a Christian for a little over a year. My first day walking into BCM was during a summer service. It was a simple and basic service, but it was here that I felt the Holy Spirit wash over me and light the spark that made me the di

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