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The Language of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

Why the Trinity and why Father, Son, Holy Spirit? These are questions and seeming battles I find Christians having. As Christians, we talk about the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in the language of the Trinity. However, quickly I see people pushing back on the language of Father. I also heard in these discussions the pushback against this language and its “limiting language and inclusivity.” So first why use the language of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit? Second, why continue to choose to use it? First, I want to start off by saying this is my opinion and my understanding so far. I am continually growing in my relationship with Christ and growing in my faith, so this may change with more wisdom

What is Faith?

What does it look like to have faith? Faith is one of those words as an atheist is similar to belief. Something you might hope or put stock in without evidence. Again, this was my thought as an atheist. After coming to know Jesus as Lord, many categories and definitions have changed. One of the categories and word is faith. The word faith has been forever changed for me thanks to Peter Enns. A Christian writer, Enns proposed the word faith be translated as trust. (I believe this is in his book The Sin of Certainty.) I have begun reading the word faith in the Bible as trust, and it has brought me deeper into my relationship with God. You see, faith can mean loyalty, confidence, support but I

Loving God, Living Love

What does it mean to love God with all our hearts, soul, mind and strength? What does that look like? The scripture we looked at this weekend was Mark12:28-34. The first question we have to ask is, do all those words mean the same today as they did when Jesus walked the earth with his disciples? First, let’s look at the word heart. The 1st-century Jewish person would believe that the heart is much like how we view our hearts and mind. It was the place of physical life. The heart pumps blood and when it stops your body stops. It also was a place where your intellectual processes happened. You process things, make connections, and you gain wisdom all from the heart. You also feel your emotion

All Saints' Day

Growing up I had extended family that had some catholic background. I would hear always around the same time of Halloween the day of All Saints Day. Of course the understanding from the kid’s world is Halloween was the day we celebrated the monsters and dead that were bad and All Saints Day was the day we celebrated the good dead people and angels. As I grew up, lost close loved ones, and became a Christian this holy day has become one that I look forward to every year. For me All Saints day is about remembering the angles and those we have lost, but also so much more. It’s about being connected with the cloud of witnesses who have run the good race. It is about recognizing our deep connect

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