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College is a Desert: Repost

College can be a time where we find out who we are. For many students, it is the first time away from parents and the safety of home. Choices, actions, or inactions bare more weighted effects on the student's lives. How they spend their time, how much effort they put into their classes and jobs, choices and actions while with friends, even down to making or not making their own food bares more weight for the first time. That is why I think college is a time when many of our young adults find out who they are. College becomes a time of revealing. The desert or wilderness seems to take on this meaning in the scriptures as well. The desert becomes a testing ground that reveals who people really

Jesus Overwhelmed

I was reading the gospel of Mark today, and I came across the part where Jesus is overwhelmed. Jesus has been doing his ministry, and people are coming from all over just to be healed by him. There is a line in Mark 3:9, "Because of the crowd, he told his disciples to have a small boat ready for him, to keep the people from crowding him." I take this two different ways. The first is that maybe he was preaching a little off the shore to have some distance between him and the people while creating a natural way for his voice to carry. The second is that he had bought nearby, and if he was feeling overwhelmed, he could escape. Either point has at the heart of it Jesus preparing for a crazy day

The Waters of the Beloved

The baptism of Jesus is a time when Jesus is told from the Father that he is the beloved son. It is a moment that is said multiple times in the Bible and becomes a foundational moment for Jesus and his ministry. For many people, baptism is equally a powerful moment in their lives. For those baptized as older children or adults, we find this moment something we go back to in the narrative of our lives. For me, I know it is a source of great joy and love. The Christian belief is that what is true of Jesus is true of us. If Christ has died and is resurrected, then it is true also for me. I believe there is a baptismal truth about sonship/adoption given to all at baptism as well. The same love a

A Story to Guide Us Back to the King

After Christmas I always see a decrease in attendance at church. I find this interesting. I find it interesting because even the most devout person finds a way to miss a sunday after Christmas. Not to be fair we usually have back to back holidays, family coming in to visit, hosting parties, and trying to get back to working normal work weeks. We may even be getting sick because of all the people and running around we have been doing before and during Christmas. This week marks the begining of the Church season of Ephiphany. This is usually related to the time of the three wise men coming to visit Jesus and Jesus' baptism. This week the scriptures focus on the visiting of the wise men. This y

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