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Pentecost: Connected and Empowered

Pentecost is a holiday that gets no love. Christmas, there is a season of preparation, parties, and gifts. Easter, family get together, chocolate, and candy. Pentecost, we go to church and then go about our day. I feel like Pentecost is walking around quoting Rodney Dangerfield, you know because he doesn't get any respect. I think Pentecost is a super important holiday and may even be my favorite. The weather is usually beautiful, it reminds us summer is near, and it is about the Holy Spirit. The story of Pentecost is fantastic in every conceivable way. This year I was reflecting on the idea of Pentecost during the pandemic. What does it look like to celebrate Pentecost on lockdown? Then I a


Recently we were doing a Bible Study on Genesis 2. It was one of those wonderful deep dives where we explored words and marveled at the beauty of the literature. However, something stuck out to us that was not foreseen in my own planning but created a beautiful reflection for the current situation we find ourselves in during the pandemic. One of the people in the Bible Study noticed that Adam was lonely. God saw that Adam was alone and knew that it was not a good thing. God first tried remedying this with animals but found only another human would do. What struck out to us in that this is before the fall. Adam experienced loneliness long before the world was broken. Even more compelling is t

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