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The Prodigal Son Series: The Servants

The servants are mentioned first when the younger sibling of the story mentions their abundance of food. The next time we hear about the servants is when the Father demands that they bring the find clothes and kill the fattened calf for the party. Finally, a servant delivers the good news of the party being thrown for the younger brothers return. The first thing I notice, is the servants have a supporting role to play in the story. They are people who play a role if only to serve the other characters. They gather the materials needed for the siblings to return and help facilitate the party. They are not the center of the story or even the life of the party, however, they help make sure those

The Prodigal Son Series: The Older Brother

The Older Son is the next character in the Prodigal Son parable we will be examining. The first time we get introduced to the Older son in the parable is when the youngest son demands his inheritance and the Father splits the wealth and property between the two sons. The next time we will hear about this son is in saddest of ways. The Older son has been out working in the field. He is a loyal and hardworking son. As he comes near the house he hears a loud commotion. He is hearing celebration and music. He inquires of one of his servants what is going on. Clearly, he has been working out in the field away from the house and has missed something. The servant tells him his brother has returned

The Prodigal Son Series: The Younger Son

We are looking at the Prodigal Son parable in the Gospel According to Luke. The parable is found in the Gospel According to Luke chapter 15. For the next few blogs, I would like to highlight and reflect on the characters portrayed in the parable. The characters we will be focusing on are the Father, the Younger Son, the Older Son, and the Servants. Next in our character study is the Youngest Son. Without reason or warning, we see the youngest son decides to disown his family and move as far away as possible. The son goes up to his father asking for his inheritance now. It is like saying he wished his father was dead so he can get his inheritance. Ouch. The story tells us that the father give

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