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The Gospel?

I think there is nothing more fundamental to Christianity than the gospel. We can have creeds, confessionals, and statements of faith all trying to express what we believe to be true and basic to Christianity. Yet, all Christian agree essential to following Jesus is the gospel. The gospel translates to "good news." In the world of Jesus, the good news was all about an event. Just like our news articles today, no matter if that is in an app or on tv, the news describes an event. In the world and culture of Jesus, this may describe the good news of a new Roman Emperor or a person running to declare the victory in battle. I believe this is not far off from what the gospel means in Christianity.

Welcome from Judson Fellowship

The 2020 school year begins! 2020 has been a year that will live forever in our minds as one of the craziest years we lived through. No matter if you are a returning student or a freshman ready to take those first steps on your own, we welcome you. This year is going to look a little different. I am sure that our freshman did not imagine a pandemic being part of their first year. Also, for returning students, you had a taste of, "doing digital college," but the hybrid schedule should prove new to you. Here is the good news, we are all in this together. We get to experience this year together. That means we can build relationships through our shared experience of 2020. We are going to need to

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