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"Our Thoughts and Prayers Are With You"

Something that I keep hearing people say is, "Our thoughts and prayers are with you." I genuinely believe that the people saying these words mean the best when they say them. However, as a christian what does it mean to be praying for someone? Maybe a cultural idea of prayer is a thoughtful recognition of a person or their situation, wishful thinking, or sending positive thoughts. Dare I say that prayer in our culture may be seen as a last-ditch effort when nothing else is working. However, when I reflect on the Letter of James, he seems to think prayer is radically different. When should prayer be done? When we are suffering, joyful, experiencing illness, or have not lived up to our full po

Missing the Mark

Something I continue to think about is how our faith is being communicated. As someone who likes to share the gospel, I am constantly wondering how to communicate the faith. When it comes to the word “sin,” I find myself struggling. It is both personal and yet can be corporate. The language I have heard trying to describe it usually misses the mark. That is until I heard the original meaning of the word. Sin in a literal translation is to miss the mark. The Bible uses the word to also talk about a tribe that could use a slingshot and not miss the mark of a hitting a hair off someone’s head. When I apply this to the story of God and humans, we (humans) have missed the mark. We are not living

The Cross in Light of the Resurrection

I believe that as Christians we like to talk about the cross a lot. We like to talk about Jesus heading to Calvary, that he died for our sins, and we even walk around with crosses on our clothes and jewelry. I am not the first to say this, but the cross is only significant because of the resurrection. Plenty of people died of crucifixion. I am sure that other would be messiahs died in similar fates. What makes the Christian claim about this messiah significant is the resurrection. The resurrection shapes and adds meaning to Jesus’ death on the cross. If crucifixion is the shameful, oppressive, death tool that it is, then being resurrected adds meaning to Jesus’ death. There was no shame that

Jesus At His Low Point In Ministry

One of the great things about my faith is Jesus. A lot of times we make Jesus only to be God and forget his humanity. Yet, it is his humanity that we connect so deeply with. For me, I connect with Jesus when he is at his worst. I have had days where I don’t feel like I am communicating all that well. That despite my best efforts of moving forwards I feel like I am and still steps behind. I may even feel a bit lost. In the Gospel According to Mark chapter seven, I feel like Jesus, and I can relate. Jesus has been trying to show the people who he is through various signs and actions. Yet, they are not picking up what he is putting down. Even the leaders in his community are not figuring out wh

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