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The Prodigal Son Series: The Father

We are looking at the Prodigal Son parable in the Gospel According to Luke. The parable is found in the Gospel According to Luke chapter 15. For the next few blogs, I would like to highlight and reflect on the characters portrayed in the parable. The characters we will be focusing on are the Father, the Younger Son, the Older Son, and the Servants. The Father is an interesting character. The Father likes to break what I would call social norms and shows a ridiculous amount of love. The first thing that is notable about the Father is his youngest son comes to him asking for his inheritance early. I believe Timothy Keller said this somewhere in his book "The Prodigal God" that his son is, in


What a weird thing it is to put ashes on your head. I can honestly say when I was an atheist I never understood the significance of ashes. At the same time, when I would ask someone who had ashes on their head why they did they would say something to the effect of, "It's to say I'm sorry or repentance." Even with that answer, I was still confused. Moving forward some years, I became a follower of Jesus. In that time I learned many things. I still found some Christians with ashes on their head walking around once a year. So I decided enough was enough. I was going to do my research. So, for anyone who has had questions about Ash Wednesday, or wants to know more just out of curiosity I am offe

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