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The Presence of God with Us

This weekend the lectionary has us reading John Chapter 1. The spinning spiral of words that seek to propel us to the heights of the highest mountins and dive us down deep into the mysteries of our faith. Of all the interesting and powerful verses to look at the one that sticks out to me being in the season of Christmas is, "The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us." The funny thing about this verse is that the traditional way of saying it is, "The Word became flesh and dwelt among us." The word for dwelling and dwelt has its roots in the word for tabernacle. That is right, the foundation of the word is related to the movable tent where Yahweh dwelled with his people in the deser

Christmas and the Drooling Christ:Repost

The beauty of Christmas to me is the humanity it brings. I truly believe the reason we connect to Christmas so much is the imagery of baby Jesus and the humanness portrayed in the story. There is nothing more human than a newborn baby. All of us started this way, all of us looked similar to this infant, and so there is something profoundly connective and unifying in the birth of Jesus. As Christians, we proclaim that Jesus is both fully human and fully God. In the Christmas story, Jesus’ humanity is laid bare for all to see. The infinite and powerful creator of everything seen and unseen lays wrapped in cloths in a woman’s arms. The humanity, vulnerability, and upside-downness of this moment

A Practical Hope

Have you noticed that Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier every year? The stores seem to be putting up their seasonal items before Halloween is over. The local radio stations are playing non-stop Christmas songs starting November 1st. Finally, there is a trend that people are putting up their Christmas trees earlier and earlier. Why? In the past few months, I have continually been challenged by the younger generation to explain why they should read the scriptures. I think this is a fascinating challenge. For some there is a response of it tells us what to do or how to live. I have always tried to steer clear of the manual perspective of the Bible. I think at the heart of the questio

Frozen 2 and Evangelism

Many who know me know that I am a follower of Jesus and a Disney Nerd. With the recent release of Frozen 2, my two passions collided. In their own way, the people who created the latest Disney movie have found a way to make it a metaphor about Christianity. Now, did they do that on purpose? I have no idea, but when I saw the movie, I heard the story of the gospel play out in a way I didn't expect. Much like The Chronicles of Narnia and other great stories that seek to explain the narrative of the Bible without being literal, I believe Frozen 2 is an evangelistic story inviting its viewers to know the triune God. Please, do not continue to read unless you have seen Frozen 2. Spoilers . . . .

A Family Tradition

Recently I was getting made fun of for putting up my Christmas tree. My family admittedly keeps our Christmas tree up for a long time. In my first year of marriage, my wife and I found a deal for Christmas trees and decorations in the first week of November. So we went and picked out our first Christmas decorations and tree. (We had a new dog and would have gone potty and the real tree.) We immediately put up our decorations when we got home. We were just so happy and excited we had to do it. This tradition continues even today because it reminds us of the joy we had and the joy we continue to have today. My family also has another tradition: Uki-Christmas. Uki-Christmas is short for Ukrain

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