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  • Pastor Zach

A New Year and New Events

We have officially kicked off the new year and the winter semester here at BCM. We have some exciting upcoming events that we cannot wait to share with you. Please be on the look out for these amazing upcoming events.

Nerfgun Fight-choose a team and be prepared to make memories that will last a life time.

FireSide Bble Study- Join us by the fire as we illuminate ourselves with Scripture.

Hope Haven Trip- Come join us as we support our local homeless shelter by providing a breakfast meal.

May the 4th Night- Join us as we celebrate our passion of Star Wars!

Avengers Endame Outing - the most anticipated movie of the year is coming in April and BCM is going to see it. Join us.

Cinco De Mayo Party- Celebrating Cinco De Mayo and one of our students birthdays all in one awesome day.

Japanese Garden Trip- Going to a local Japanese Garden and embracing the beuaty fo creation.

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