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  • Pastor Zach

The Song on Repeat

Recently I was privileged to go see the new Lego Movie Part 2. It was an exciting movie that my kids adored. There is one song in particular that has been circulating in our brains and making us dance around the house. The song is called, “Catchy Song.” The beat is good, and the song chorus is easy to remember. Now days later after seeing the movie, I can’t help but still have the song stuck in my head.

Alone in the car… it is there.

Sitting at work…the song remains playing in my head.

When I get home… I burst into a dance with my kids singing it out loud.

This all got me thinking. What songs do we know by heart? That is just buried so deep in us that they stick with us? I once heard the Lord’s Prayer song and loved it so much I sing it every once and a while. I taught it to my eldest son, and he sings it every night before bed. There is also an Alleluia chorus that is in the embedded in me that will never leave. Sometimes when I am in worship and prayer, I just sing the Alleluia because my soul delights in it.

I believe that the songs that stay with us have the power to shape our hearts and actions. What songs are shaping your heart and actions? What songs speak to you? What songs do you carry with you?

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