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  • Pastor Zach


I cannot help but see a new story that comes out of another person dying, a city in flames, and division increasing every week. Something I have also noticed is Christians claiming other Christians are terrible. One thing has become clear to me, and that is, people are not centering their lives on Jesus.

Now, more than ever, politics and tribalism pull on America and divides the citizens. As Christians, I believe two things can be agreed upon. First, that Christ prays for his followers to be unified and that through that unity with each other, the world will know Jesus. (John 17: 23) Second, as Christians, we are called to speak up and out to other Christians who are not following Jesus. That does not mean people who disagree with us. Instead, Christ needs to be at the center of all our discussions. We should be present people with who Jesus is and have them wrestle with Jesus.

So I invite you to pick up the habit of seeing the news and asking how Jesus would respond? Who would Jesus be seeking to help at this moment? If you need help with that question, ask who and what type of people did Jesus help during his ministry? In what ways might Jesus have helped? How can I follow Jesus and help? Finally, how can I invite others to join me in what Jesus is doing?

Why these questions? Jesus calls his followers to radical allegiance to himself. His followers are called to follow in his ways and place his kingly rule above all others. Jesus calls allegiance above family, politics, friendships, economics, religion, and nation. Therefore, our words, actions, and lives should be reflective of that allegiance to Jesus. A good way to practice that is putting Jesus at the heart and center of our thoughts and actions. Hopefully, the pattern of questions will lead to a Jesus centered pattern of life and a renewed call of discipleship. It can also be a way to help other followers of Jesus reclaim their allegiance as well.

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