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  • Pastor Zach

The Waters of the Beloved

The baptism of Jesus is usually a time when Jesus is told from the Father that he is the beloved son. It is a moment that is said multiple times in the Bible and becomes a foundational moment for Jesus and his ministry.

For many people, baptism is equally a powerful moment in their lives. For those baptized as older children or adults, we find this moment something we go back to in the narrative of our lives. For me, I know it is a source of great joy and love. The Christian belief is that what is true of Jesus is true of us. If Christ has died and is resurrected, then it is true also for me. I believe there is a baptismal truth about sonship/adoption given to all at baptism as well.

The same love and authority given to Jesus at baptism are offered to those who follow Christ. We become the adopted beloved, renewed image bearers of God Almighty. In the waters, we enter the holy space of fellowship where we call the God of the universe abba. It’s about the love, authority, and glory of the Father being shared and communicated via the Holy Spirit to his children. The baptism of Jesus shows us how the Spirit of God expresses God’s love, glory, authority, and ultimately God’s presence to the Son. In baptism, the Spirit of God acts in the same way.

As we go forward thinking about Jesus’ baptism and our own, I pray that it gives you pause to embrace God’s love for you. That you can sit in the moment of God’s presence of calling you beloved. I pray that as the moment washes over you, it pushes and pulls you to share that love with others. Listen to the love being communicated to you by the Presence of God and move where she tells you.

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