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  • Pastor Zach

All Saints' Day

Growing up I had extended family that had some catholic background. I would hear always around the same time of Halloween the day of All Saints Day. Of course the understanding from the kid’s world is Halloween was the day we celebrated the monsters and dead that were bad and All Saints Day was the day we celebrated the good dead people and angels.

As I grew up, lost close loved ones, and became a Christian this holy day has become one that I look forward to every year. For me All Saints day is about remembering the angles and those we have lost, but also so much more. It’s about being connected with the cloud of witnesses who have run the good race. It is about recognizing our deep connection to those who have gone on before us and are cheering us on now. It gives me hope to know so many great people have gone before my generation and lived their lives trusting and following Jesus. To know that they too are encouraging me and praying for me and those of us here today is powerful.

It is also a day that reminds me that those we have lost are not lost. Those who are in Christ are not further from him but closer. That because of Christ we are connected deeper to those we love not further apart.

All Saints Day is about remember ourselves and others. Paul calls all the people of God saints. We are reminded that those baptized are part of God’s people, wrapped in grace, and full of glory. We have a calling to invite, welcome, and love all God’s children and image-bearers. We have a race of our own to participate in.

So let us shout joyously today as we go forward in Christ celebrating the cloud of witnesses that has gone before us and walked faithfully with Jesus. Let us shout for joy as we are reminded of our “saintness” and race.

Finally, let us be reminded that culturally the darkest, spookiest, most dangerous night of the year is proceeded by today. A day of light, joy, hope, and love.

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