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  • Pastor Zach

All or Nothing: Pondering active role of Humanity

This will be a shorter blog. It is something I have been pondering, but cannot put words and images too yet. So maybe you can all help me. Genesis 1 tells a story of God seeking to partner with humanity to rule creation. In Genesis 3, we are often told that the rebellion of humanity was seeking to be the ruler rather than partners with God.

I feel like there is another side to this idea in today's culture. Instead of wanting to rule instead of God, we find another behavior of wanting God to rule and not wanting to be partners. We want God to do it all. The current idea is that humanity wants to receive the blessing, but not live it out. I am thinking that maybe there is an overemphasizing of Jesus' divinity and focus on spirituality that we lose the human purpose and call of humanity.

I don't think this newer thought of mine replaces the original rebellion of wanting to rule. I believe there is plenty of that idolatry still today. I am just wondering about the other side to the coin of not wanting any responsibility or authority as a human.

These are my random thoughts on a fall day. What do you think? Are you picking up, what I am putting down? Do you feel there is this narrative in the atmosphere? Have you come across it in your community?

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